10 definitions by C. Wallace

Meaning something is old, in slang terms. Ususally used in a negative sense of the word.
"Man, that song's ancient"
"I heard that story before, that's ancient"
by C. Wallace May 21, 2004
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Someone who believes they always have the answers, a know-it-all. Usually used to insult that person when they make a stupid insight or just repeat what has already been said. Sherlock being a reference to the literary detective sherlock Holmes.
"We should fix this tire."
"Well, if I were you I'd fix the tire."
by C. Wallace May 21, 2004
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Referring to a woman's vagina. A word used to refer to that area without using any vulgar terms that may affend.
"Oh my god my dress flew up you and everyone saw my hoohaa!"
by C. Wallace May 21, 2004
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A way to describe someone who consumes vast amounts of alcohol.

Someone who looks for alcohol any way they can get it.
"I drank all my beer, got any?"
"Get lost you juice hound!"
by C. Wallace May 20, 2004
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To be beyond drunk. Most often, those whom get to this state never remember being there. One test to see if someone has reached this plateau is to ask them to spell the word "hammered".
"Wow Matt your really hammer!"
"Snow Hime snot...zzzzzz"
by C. Wallace May 21, 2004
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(Adj.) Someone who exaggerates the truth. A person whom most often then not, always has a story to tell in relation to the conversation, most often the story is made up or a gross exaggeration of the truth.
"Bob, did you see that J.F.K. Documentary?" "My brother's roomates uncles, fathers, sister, friends, aunt is best friends with J.F.K." "Damn, Bob you are such a cacker!"
by C. Wallace May 20, 2004
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