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ONLY AN IMPALA! Not any other kinda car except that. Its a shortened version of donkey, which refers to the impala symbol, which is an antelope, or a Donkey to some. Usually a 1970-1976 Impala.
"24s on the Donk go round and round..." -Field Mob, WHEELS
by C-mizzle August 4, 2005
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To skeet, or nut. Basically, just ejaculate
Busted a nut so hard, bout ruptured my spleen, at the same time, filled a girls face with gleen!
by C-mizzle August 8, 2005
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Cruisin up and down the boulevard. Your not really goin anywhere, just goin slow up and down the road, wastin gas.
"Im wastin gas, aka just cruisin,
chasin ass, lookin for broads for bruisin"- C-mizzle
by C-mizzle July 10, 2005
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