Contrary to American definitions refering to female Australia "Donk" refers to a males cock. Makes for humorous listening to Soulja Boi's song "She Got A Donk".
She wont be laughing when i drop my donk in her arse.
by Hilfy May 4, 2008
A person with a penis equal to the size a donkey's penis
Connors dad was called donk at his highschool
by Teleporting Fat Guy July 1, 2009
to get messed up so bad that you steal old peoples underwear when they go to take a dump.
I got so donked this weakend.
by Spanky mc Wackwack December 13, 2003
an informal alternative for 'guy', or even used to call a close friend an idiot with no offense intended.
1) donk! why didn't u tell me you were gaming
2) that donk is very studious
3) where are you donks planning to eat tonight
by tvml December 12, 2020
His penis is bigger than your mums, quite tall fucking dopey! ROCKS.....
by Travis Cobbledick June 4, 2019