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The Greatest Running Back of All Time. Played for the Dallas Cowboys for 13 Seasons, then went to the Cards for 2 seasons.
Emmitt is a PIMP. Thats why he's the all time leader of rushing yards.
by C-Bo March 20, 2005
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The act of throwing a live chicken into a person's face, preferably while in motion. Similar: dead chicken bombing; as above, using a deceased chicken.
Matt and I went chicken bombing from the golf cart this afternoon.
by c-bo May 01, 2014
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1. Brown Finger Giver - a person who sticks his/her finger in an asshole. Usually performed by homosexual males, but can also happen when an inexperienced male attempts to finger a girl but hits the wrong hole.
1. Jeremy is a BFG! He jammed his pointer in my asshole!
by C-bo July 10, 2004
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1. when two or more males gather around a toilet and urinate, "sword fighting" with their piss stream. The winner is declared when he is the last one pissing.
I challenge you to a pissing contest!
by C-bo July 14, 2004
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