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When someone has many long pubic hairs and decides to tie them to their gooch or taint hairs, this forms a hair thong.
Other ways to say this includes bush panty or pube thong.
To stay a virgin until marriage I will tie myself a hair thong to literally cock block.
Dude I’m tired of people pantsing me, so now I will grow out a bush panty so people won’t see my genitals next time a chad tries to pantsed me.
by Buttonwillow Mcbuttonwillow August 07, 2018

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The term “wrapping a buzzdog” refers to applying a nicotine patch and folding over ones penis to create a hotdog that gives off a buzz.
“Yo I just stopped smoking and started no fap”
“Oh shit dude that’s tough”
“Nah man, hey I’ll be right back I’m gonna go to the bathroom to wrap a buzzdog.”
by Buttonwillow Mcbuttonwillow December 06, 2018

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A quirky girl who pees all over the place and is really cool but kinda nutty.
Oh shit Braley's in the house!
by Buttonwillow Mcbuttonwillow September 17, 2019

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A nub job is when a double amputee uses their two nubs to stroke a man’s Willy or commonly known as penis to the point of climax.
Leon quickly closed his laptop as he had gone too far and witnessed a “nub job” on a pornographic site.
by Buttonwillow Mcbuttonwillow October 16, 2019

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