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An individual who has lost touch with reality. An individual in which reasoning does not take affect. A person of obsessive nature. A person in isolation.
Hey man, you're completely 'wilke.' Don't mess with that guy, he's 'wilke-o.' She's worse than freaked-out...she's gone 'wilke.'
by Buster Hymen October 03, 2003

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The genre of music including, but not limited to, easy listening piano themes, starry vocals, and musical cheese.
"Bruh, your sister's jazz recital was pretty Tesh."
by Buster Hymen March 02, 2006

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The middle guy in a gay threesome.
Bruce snuck up behind Lance as he was porking Sven from behind, making Lance a lucky eddie.
by Buster Hymen March 07, 2004

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old school, vintage automobile, generally circa mid- to late 1980's, often trimmed with rust.
Girl: "So, whaddya drive, big boy?"
Guy: "An '86 Ladykiller."
Girl: Wow. Take me home now and ravage me."
by Buster Hymen March 07, 2004

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