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1. something really good
2. to get drunk
1. Godamn, that movie was so thowed.
2. Mayn, i really need to get thowed rite now
by bushi September 10, 2003
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My Dentist
My dentist is a goddamnmotherfuckerpieceofshitexcuseforaman.
by Bushi April 20, 2004
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when pronounced "know what im talking about" is what is sounds like.. NUMTUMBOUT!
Man, this urbandictionary is thowed.. numtumbout?
by bushi September 09, 2003
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"know what im talking about". "numtumbout" said outloud resembles "know what im talking about"
Man, school is gay as hell, numtumbout!
by Bushi September 08, 2003
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someone that is ugly
something that is bad in general
to steal/borrow something from someone
1. Goddamn that trick is sooo pieced
2. Man, that test was sooo pieced
3. Yeaaa.. i pieced that CD from him a long time ago
by Bushi September 11, 2003
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