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Bundaberg is a city in Queensland, Australia. It is probably one of the most boring places you could ever dream of living.

There is nothing to do here.

Everyone who is anyone or is even remotely interesting leaves.

Those who actually like it here defend it viciously and you are likely to get punched if you speak ill of their backward town.
To live in Bundaberg and enjoy it, you will need to fit into one of Bundaberg's popular sub-cultures - you may choose from this list:

Over the age of 80
A redneck
Ultra conservative and closed-minded

You get bonus points for being all these things.

Bundaberg is full of ferals and violent bogans who like to steal things, break into houses and drive souped up crap box cars around town while spending their government benefit money on Jim Beam and cigarettes.

Bundaberg is a big enough town to progress, but nothing here ever changes. Ever.

Bundaberg people don't like change or excitement, so you could pretty much go away and come back and in 20 years it would not have changed.

Don't move to Bundaberg unless you want to be unemployed, miserable, constantly bored and stop wearing shoes in public.
Person 1: I wonder what it would be like to travel back in time to the Neanderthal days!

Person 2: Dude, Bundaberg.
by Bunnysparkle April 25, 2011
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Fameys are generally aged between about 20 and 35 (but average in their mid to late 20s) and are becoming increasingly prominent in and around metro cities in Australia.

Fameys wear expensive designer brands.

They will wear these items to death and brag with their fellow fameys about it even though they may be on low to moderate incomes. Fameys are extremely party orientated and prefer to hold their parties in the middle of the week to avoid seeming like normal working class citizens.

Fameys seek to emulate the everyday lives of famous singers and movie stars by "living the life".

Fameys, although usually well into their 20s, typically still live at home, preferring to spend their money on Juicy Couture hangbags or expensive restaurants.

Fameys use terms like "exclusive", "VIP" and "crack" to refer to their favourite haunts.

The famey will take photos (usually of themselves) everywhere they go. This is even worse if it is a group of fameys.

Fameys like to write blogs about themselves in the third person as if they are commenting on a celebrity and watch celebrity interviews in an attempt to learn and mimic their mannerisms for use in their own obscure video blogs.

Fameys have popularised the uneven look, sporting different earrings on each side or different shoelaces on each foot in an attempt to look cool.

Fameys are like the anti-hipster in that they are blatant consumerists and they want you to know it.
Famey: Last night I partied so hard!

Person: But it was a Monday night, it was you and your friend getting drunk under a tree... that's not a party.

Famey: Yes, but we're VIP, so it so was totally crack.
by Bunnysparkle April 25, 2011
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