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A person who, much like the one level property that is their namesake, has nothing upstairs.
Bunny: "George has even managed to spell his own name incorrectly, what a Bungalow"
by Bunny Phluff March 13, 2008

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A term used for an amazingly good looking guy who is unfortunately a bit of a bungalow. For most girls the prospect of dating a Spank Wangler is not too attractive but having a one night stand is almost unavoidable, but kind of like riding a scooter... loads of fun but you wouldn't want your friends to see you.
Bunny: "Hey check out that guy over there, he's a total hotty."
Jane: "Yeah but he's trying to open that car door with his rabbit foot keyring"
Bunny: "Damnit, he's a total Spank Wangler"
by Bunny Phluff March 13, 2008

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A sad and rather pathetic person who goes to as many music festivals and concerts as their parents can afford. Not for enjoyment, or love of the music but so that they can show off their tatty collection of wristbands along with their tan at the end of the summer.
Penelope: "The red one's from Reading and the green one's from Glastonbury. The purple one's from this darling little place in Italy that I went to whilst Daddy was on a business trip there"
John: "Which band did you like best then?"
Penelope: "Band? Huh?"
John: "Gah - you are such a Wristband Collector"
by Bunny Phluff March 12, 2008

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