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a person who thinks they are "ghetto" or speak in the "gangsta" dialect are nerf niggas

posted by Bud Gaines
definition by Jarod Kwan
white guy 1: "Yo, what's up nigga"
You say: "Up and down is only relative to gravity nerf nigga"
by Bud Gaines February 02, 2007

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1. A teacher that doesen't like it when you say words like, balls, tits, boobs, testicles, pork sword, or any cuss word, but lets certain girls cuss and get away with cheating.

2. People that say "Nerf Cake", and "Nerf Pie" to much refering to the definintion of Dee Dee Dee.
1. student 1: Man your such a boob!
teacher: Don't say that word its not nice.
student 2: Damn Nerf Pussy!

2. person 1: You damn Nerf Cake
person 2: Your a Nerf Pie
person 3: Ya'll are both Nerf Pussies!
by Bud Gaines December 02, 2006

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1. When its raining outside and there is fog and someone says the sky if falling, so you say Nerf Pie.
2. See Dee Dee Dee
1. Person One: The Sky if Falling!
You: Dumb Ass thats rain and fog, Nerf Pie
2. See Dee Dee Dee
by Bud Gaines December 01, 2006

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