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Similar to a Rickroll, A Journeyroll happens Any time a DJ, a cover band, jukebox or anyone at any time plays "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. This song is becoming more insidious and annoying a Rickroll ever was or ever will be.
"Down at the Pub last night some A-hole had to Journeyroll us 3 times on the jukebox. How fucking annoying! I never believed and always hated that band and song!"
by Buck Futt March 08, 2009

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Either underage or early 20 something people who act like idiots under the influence of alchol. These people cannot hold their liquor whatsoever, yet insist on imbibing massive amounts of it anyway, on a regular basis (ie. almost every night). Pubs and other drinking establishments effectively take over raising these people where TV, and in rare cases, their parents left off. Vomiting, fighting, and public urination are all commonplace things for kinderdrunks, along with a wide assortment ot moronic, juvenile behaviors.
Did you see that idiot that got kicked out of the pub last night with his pants around his ankles? Man, what a kinderdrunk!
by Buck Futt February 24, 2009

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Sprouche is a combination of the words sperm and douche. While technically not a douche, sperm is substituted in place of the usual vinegar and water. The sperm is inserted typically by intercourse and usually mingles with other materials (vaginal discharge, lube or feces) in a vaginal or anal orifice.
"When I fucked your girlfriend, i sprouched in her! How did it taste?"
by Buck Futt March 25, 2009

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A Shocking Sanchez is when a Shocker hand gesture is inserted into a woman's anus (pinkie) and vagina (index and middle fingers) this is also known by this phrase "2 pink, one in the stink". After this insertion is withdrawn, this same hand gesture is placed under a person's nose with the pinkie being drawn under this person's nostrils. In some cases, this person sticks out their tongue to sample the vaginal juices on the index and middle fingers of the passing by shocker hand.
After I gave my gf a shocker, I decided to let her smell her own ass and taste her pussy by turning that simple shocker into a Shocking Sanchez...she loved it and wanted me to do it over and over again.
by Buck Futt April 02, 2010

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Chastising or yelling at a drunk or otherwise stupid person for unacceptable behavior.
When that drunk fuck pissed in the sink, the bouncer yelled at him for like ten minutes after throwing him out. That bouncer really gets off on Ghost Whipping Retards....
by Buck Futt February 23, 2010

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To fly a long distance to get laid, usually an ex that you still might be "friendly" with.
Not having seen Jan in 3 years, Mike hoped a Southwest flight to hit that poon one more time. Mike engaged in an Aerial booty call.
by Buck Futt March 03, 2010

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Eating A Pile Of Shit. Figuratively or literally, this is just an expression of disdain for a current situation, similar to "FML". This one of those types of Internet text Acronyms that should be on here (i.e. OMW or the ever annoying, K).
"What are you doing right now?"

"EAPOS. MM, MMM tasty! Life sucks! I guess I'm destined to EAPOS forever."
by Buck Futt February 17, 2010

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