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An ad hoc fixture for performing some mechanical or other operation on something else. Also: a tool.
Hey Paul, hand me that framis, would you?
by Bruce Amiata November 15, 2006

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A class of elites who have no sense of noblesse oblige. They blithely govern or advocate for their own benefit while negligently allowing the lower classes and/or society's critical infrastructure to degrade.
That Senator is a fine specimen of the Negligencia. He always votes against increasing highway and education spending.
by Bruce Amiata October 23, 2010

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An insignificant fiefdom, given to bizarre political intrigues and petty bullying, often headed by one suffering from a Napoleon Complex.

That parochial school principal sure runs her pissantium with no regard for morality or ethics, doesn't she.
by Bruce Amiata May 27, 2008

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An happy expression of farewell - "Ta Ta", but bodaciously. A sexy, voluptuous farewell. Often abbreviated as "BTT".
Person one: See you later

Person two: BTT! (Bodacious Ta Ta)

by Bruce Amiata November 26, 2006

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A thing, specifically a complicated, manufactured item. Syn: Gizmo.
Mark, hand me that gizmodius there, would you? I need to fix this framis here.
by Bruce Amiata November 15, 2006

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