12 definitions by Brownie

one who is perverted and bearded, mostly from poor Scandinavian countries like Denmark
you dirty nuxx!
by Brownie August 25, 2003
man who keeps everything brown ie woman he likes with brown skin , keeps it original opposite of bounty.
see that bre hes a brownie i rate him .
by Brownie July 23, 2003
what u call yo man, when he acting like a punkbitch
im gonna fuck u up for acting like a punkbitch.
by Brownie October 5, 2004
This first originated from the mouth of the legendary jaymee. Can also be pronounced DOOOOOODSH or DOOSH. Often used as part of a greeting or farewell:
by Brownie February 20, 2005
One who always recieves the shit-end of any deal, includin with women. He is always deemed as the "nice guy" who is never effectd by any of this, and even if he is he cannot express it.
"Hey look its shaft wangus, he seems sad but who gives a fuck? Let's go to him with our issues he'll help us out for sure."
by Brownie April 20, 2004
(beat them guts) poundin' your old ladies pussy
yo man! did you see that bitch....i'd love to beat them guts!
by Brownie March 22, 2004
A trilogy of numbers that are spoken at random moments to lighten up the mood.
"Dude my grandma died to day."
"Ehhhhhhh 7-12-9er!"
by Brownie April 21, 2004