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1. An expression commonly used by the inhabitants of East Bakalakadakah Street.

2. Used to refer to a person of Middle Eastern descent.

3. A nonsense word used to describe senseless babble.
1. Ishbu said to Adjikaman, "Derka derka muhammad allah jihad."

2. "Hey man, did you see that derka derka working the counter at 7-11?"

3. "Sally wouldn't shut up. She just kept going on and on like, "Yadda yadda yadda, derka derka."
by Britttttttt August 13, 2006
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A term that originated in southern New Jersey that was used to describe tourists who packed lunches in shoe boxes to bring to the beach. Currently, the term is used to describe the flocks of northerners and Pennsylvanian's that travel to the South Jersey coastline during the summertime. They typically come in carpools of 5 or more, drive like snails, and crowd South Jersey boardwalks and beaches so much that locals can't enjoy themselves in their own hometowns.
Guy 1: "Why the hell is traffic on the Expressway moving so slow today?"

Guy 2: "Because of all of these fucking shoobies, they don't know how to drive."

Guy 1: "Yea, I bet they're all heading to the beach. We'll never be able to find a good spot to relax."

Guy 2: "Yea, all of the shoobies are gonna be crowding the sand with they're excessively sun block slathered bodies, and their Nike cross trainers."
by Britttttttt August 16, 2006
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1. A fan of Miley Cyrus that can range anywhere from a casual like to a full-on obsession. These are people who stood through the hair cut, We Can't Stop, VMAs, Wrecking Ball, and still love her. They are often defending her actions by claiming she's just trying to break free of the Disney shell and create her own person.

2. A creepy machine from the Doctor Who episode The Beast Below that looks similar to a clown and will therefore scare the living shit out of you.
Miley Cyrus lover: I'm a Smiler!
Miley Cyrus lover: Do you mean that you don't like Miley? Oh my god you're just like everyone else. She's just trying to be her own person and be original and-
Whovian: Wait, what?
Miley Cyrus lover: What?
Whovian: *confusion*
Miley Cyrus lover: *confusion*
by britttttttt September 22, 2013
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Synonymous with the commonly used phrase, "What's up"? Used by one who is looking to find an agenda of recent events.

The phrase "What's crack-a-lackin'?" originated in ghettos, and was used by thugs and gangsters to find out the news about any recent crimes committed in the area ('crack-a-lack' is derived from sound a gun makes when fired).
Guy 1: "Ay yo Tito, what's crack-a-lackin'?"

Guy 2: "Nothin my nig, but I heard that JoJo got whacked last night at da club."

Guy 1: "Fo real yo? I heard they was poppin' off, but I ain't know JoJo was whilin like that!"
by Britttttttt August 16, 2006
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