16 definitions by Brian Johnson

Based on the theory that everyone wants to do good.
Most potheads that dress in black all the time and write pseduo-suicidal poetry claim they are anarchist.
by Brian Johnson October 6, 2003
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something me and my brother made up, used at the begining at an impression sentance followed by a name, then by something stupid they just did
"Look at me i'm Kyle, I get drunk in wisconnson and some dudes beat the fuck out of me"
by Brian Johnson September 3, 2003
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Going to a abandoned place or dark alleyway to preform sexual acts upon each other
That abandoned car park is where they go to trehaddle
by Brian Johnson October 14, 2021
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What you use to do work after you eat your samiches.
Hey James, you gonna go play puter?
by Brian Johnson February 8, 2005
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What they call it when your mom tucks you in when you're in your 20's.
James, I made your bedihouse downstairs.
by Brian Johnson February 10, 2005
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Something you supposed to say when you kill someone with a sniper rifle on a game.
Kyle: Boom! You have been...sniperfied

Me: Indeed I have!
by Brian Johnson October 7, 2003
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A country that used to be good friends with america, they gave us troops in the revolution and the Statue of Liberty, we saved France and many of the Jews in france from the Germans in 1944, with the help of British, canadian, australian foces, not to mention French resistance forces

But now we hate eachother, don't know why....whatever happened to "friends help friends out" and when the other friend says no to something we start a propganda campaign, in return the other friends people have anti-american rallies.
by Brian Johnson August 30, 2003
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