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A member of a governing body responsible for using that governing body for personal profit. A selfislator is a member of selfishlature that decides the selfish laws.
"That selfislator had no idea what was best or fair he was only interested in what HE was going to get out of that motion."
by Brenna Urban April 28, 2007
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Laws made by members of a government for reasons of profiting the lawyers who made the bill. Selfish bills, selfish laws, anything that makes money for lawyers and headaches for everybody else.
"A horrifying percentage of legislation being passed in Washington today directly profit lawyers. This selfishlation is not for the democratic majority"
by Brenna Urban April 28, 2007
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a person chumpy enough to be too much like someone else. Also "a zip lock freezer bag of marinated chump putty"; which is a cluster fucking group comprised of someone willing to fake a likeness of some one else to get laid.
groupies, "Those chump putty's think they are going to get laid for frontin'"
by Brenna Urban April 16, 2007
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An intense psychological neurosis frequently exhibited by prostitutes. Having got themselves completely fucked over and having traded all intellect for the constant compromise of impressing a different group of Johns every night (stupidity is after all highly varied) they are left with little or nothing of any substance. They use the last groped glimmer of intelligence to imitate other women so as to keep on fucking. Hence, fucking on a borrowed fuck.
That hooker was watching me all night, I think she was taking notes so that she could start fucking on borrowed fuck later.
by Brenna Urban May 02, 2007
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A governing body that makes laws for the few people who are IN the governing body as a way to make money for themselves.
"The last bill through Congress made money only for the members of Congress. The average person will not profit, in fact they will most likely pay. That is what we get if we let the selfishlature run the country"
by Brenna Urban April 28, 2007
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