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Daniel is an honest guy. He'll tell you like it is with rarely any malarkey- well sometimes. He is a human fact checker. He loves a good casserole. He nearly drools when he smells a good broccoli and cheese casserole. He has seen every Star Wars movie and is proud (not to be confused with Star Trek). He is a good friend with a great sense of humor!
Breanne: "Ugh, another casserole? I hate casseroles."

Daniel: "Casseroles aren't so bad. You eat spaghetti and lasagna don't you? Same concept."

Breanne: "Such a 'Daniel' thing to say."

Daniel: "Grow up."
by Breeezy-Bee February 04, 2021

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Someone who loves to laugh, but also knows when to be serious. Often has weird dreams and /or flashbacks of inanimate objects, such as rakes or bar stools. Loves cats, like really, really loves cats. Actually, just an animal person in general. Breanne always has her nails done, but doesn't waste time or money at a salon. She is a DIY kind of girl. She is a cross between extrovert and introvert- she can be the life of the party, but can have a great time all by herself; just pour a glass of wine. Breanne is so bright, like a real sunflower. She also has nice bunz. Get you a Breanne!
Her: "Please wake me up if I start dreaming about rakes again."

Him: "Stop being such a Breanne."
by Breeezy-Bee February 04, 2021

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