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1. The French term that also stands for the ability to have a huge nose that can sniff cum from a mile away.

2. When she says talk dirty to her and you go "snarl"

3. Being so loud that Helen Keller could hear you
"Hey Jimmy has a big nose, he might be able to adamuska in my grandpa's house"
by BradyWasHere June 20, 2020
When you procrastinate your AP essay and decide to make a stupid fucking definition that makes no sense and now you forgot to do your AP essay.
John: Did you read Crime and Punishment? It was due last month.
Emily: Who?
John: Crime and Punishment
Emily: Ohhh, is that the one about the guy who promises his best friend rabbits, but then shoots him in the head?
John: I think so...
by BradyWasHere December 7, 2019
The god of peanut butter that anyone could eat, unless your'e allergic to WOW. The WOW Butter And Jelly originates from god himself and when it is put in your mouth you feel a tingling that could either be orgasmic, or food poisoning. It is perfectly balanced, as all things should be....
"Hey Matt, did you try the WOW Butter And Jelly? I think I came when I ate it!"
by BradyWasHere December 5, 2019
1. The term "Lipman-Tessicini" refers to the competitiveness of two people who always try to be better than their opposed. This often happens between siblings.

2. Another Latin definition is people who purposefully pretend to be mentally disabled so they can win the special Olympics, but still come in last place.

3. The term for starving during the Holocaust.
"Can you believe those two girls being Lipman-Tessicini over whos more racist?"
by BradyWasHere December 6, 2019
The noun "Toner" is when a female get's a boner and their clit can grow 2-5 from it's original size and is then considered a "Toner".

Toner Specifications:
Anywhere from 3-5 inches is considered a Toner.
"Oh my god, I think I can see that girls Toner!"
by BradyWasHere December 6, 2019
The French origin of the verb is when two men angle themselves so that they are fucking each other at the same time. They bend their penises while they are soft and perform 69 but with their assholes, and once they get hard they extend back and as the cool kids say, "Go off".
"Hey, did you wanna come over my house and DeSalvo later?"
by BradyWasHere December 6, 2019
Originating from New York City, the "Peet" fetish is known for wanting someone to stick feet in their ass.
"Honey can we try peets once the kids fall asleep?"
by BradyWasHere December 5, 2019