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In urban driving, someone who drives at an unnecessarily slow speed, creating traffic jams for no reason, and creating a hazardous situation as drivers with somewhere to be have to go arond them.
1. I should have got in the other lane. I knew that lady was going to be a creeper!

2. All timid drivers are creepers, but not all creepers are timid drivers.
by Boston Driver April 13, 2013

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In urban driving, a driver who is generally afraid of the road and creates unnecessary traffic jams. Timid drivers slow down instead of accelerating when changing lanes or merging. They annoyingly yield even when they have the right-of-way, under the misimpression that this is polite. They create confusing situations by sending mixed signals due to their lack of confidence. Timid drivers turn a simple merge into a mess.
1. Thanks to the timid driver in front of me, I now have to merge onto the freeway at 30mph. Thanks, timid driver!

2. All timid drivers are creepers, but unfortunately not all creepers are timid. You can just go around timid creepers, but those creepers who aren't timid will get right in front of you and then go 20mph.
by Boston Driver April 13, 2013

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In urban driving, it's that driver who wants to pass you much faster than traffic. If you let them get in front of you, which is what they want, then the police will pull them over first.
1. A driver who has somewhere to be knows how to be the second-fastest car on the road, and not be a decoy for someone else.

2. Yeah, I have somewhere to be but I'm not going any faster than 74. That guy who just zoomed past is my decoy.

3. Awesome, a decoy! Let me merge right and let you pass. I'll wave to you on the shoulder in 10 miles.
by Boston Driver April 13, 2013

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In urban driving, someone who merges correctly onto traffic circles and highways. The opposite of a stopper.
1. There was two kinds of drivers who approach traffic circles, mergers and stoppers.

2. Give me a whole day having to drive behind timid mergers, just please not a stopper!
by Boston Driver April 13, 2013

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