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A blend of the Japanese and English languages. Commonly spoken in neighborhoods or other societies where both Japanese and English speakers are roughly equally present, like Internateonal Schools in Japan.

Nihonglish is often not intentionally spoken, but instead is a natural occurrence when multiple Japanese-English bilinguals converse casually. Compare Spanglish, Hinglish, Swenglish, and Hawaiian Pidgin.
Student 1: “Hey, today hōkago , wanna go downtown?”
Student 2: “Yeah, sure, meet at the genkan ?”
Student 1: “Actually, eki de machiawase shinai ? I should tabun rokkā o katazukeru today.”
Student 2: “ Daijōbu , then we could do that. At 4PM?”
Teacher: “You two, stop speaking Nihonglish!”
by Bored Doll August 10, 2018
The academic term for that rhythm that's in every single reggaeton song and everybody is quite tired of hearing.

Compare the clave rhythm, which also has origins in Latin music, and has imprinted itself in pop and electronic music.
Despacito, Mi Gente, Bailando, Shaky Shaky, and Chantaje are some examples of the tresillo in reggaeton.

Shape of You, Sorry, Cheap Thrills, and Instruction are examples of songs outside Reggaeton that use the tresillo.
by Bored Doll May 16, 2020
Synonym for “I find only offensive humor amusing”.
This meme is shit! It doesn't insult a single minority. The Left can't meme!
by Bored Doll August 4, 2020
GSRM stands for Gender, Sex, and Romantic Minority.

It is a synonym of LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTI, LGBTQIA, LGBTQIA+, and so on. It is used by people who want to be inclusive to all kinds of LGBT people, but don’t want to tack on a letter for each marginalized group.

GSRM is made up of three categories, and each GSRM person may be one, many, or all of them.

G for Gender minority: Transgender or nonbinary people
S for Sexual minority: Intersex people or those whose body otherwise does not fit as a cis male or cis female
R for Romantic minority: Sexual orientations such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and pansexual, as well as other divergences related to form or experiences of love or attraction, such as polyamory, asexuality, or aromanticity.
(Note that this does not include fetishes, or sexual depravity such as pedophilia.)
Inclusive language isn’t “PC culture gone mad”; it’s just having basic decency and compassion for BIPOC, GSRM, or other people in general.
by Bored Doll June 30, 2020