6 definitions by Bopsybipsy

A crutch like stick used to support an oversized forehead
If she doesn’t use her pigeon stick I’m sure she will topple over .
by Bopsybipsy January 8, 2022
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Person who revs up the engine To disturb the peace
Just listen to that throttle-monkey revving that Motorcycle like there’s no tommorow.
by Bopsybipsy October 31, 2019
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A girl that walks around the home with no bottoms on
There’s bareass Barbie showing off those long legs and her butt again
by Bopsybipsy October 9, 2022
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To describe a person with a rather large forehead resembling a birds breast
The wee tykes pigeon forehead needed its own crutch for support .
by Bopsybipsy January 6, 2020
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Acronym for bless his little puppy dog heart.
He shoveled old Mrs Flynn’s driveway .oh bhlpdh
by Bopsybipsy August 1, 2021
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