23 definitions by Boots

A congratulatory remark usually given after an especially impressive demonstration of lankiness, i.e. hacking some serious sack.
by Boots April 10, 2004
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We used to be friends, but she totally gepped me.
by Boots September 24, 2003
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engaging in an activity of senseless enjoyment and dubious legality
Yavonda stole a bunch of cutlery from the farm stall. She totally was pillaging the Amish.
by Boots August 4, 2004
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I throng her so bad for thinking that sexy can’t come form a snowsuit.
by Boots May 4, 2022
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"Grant and Forrest are the masters of the Butt Sex Train, known casually as BST"
by Boots April 26, 2004
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one who is averse to hard work and eager to leave early
He's going home before his shift ends? What a slidey!
by Boots September 24, 2003
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