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to gays, any male is queerbait.
The creepy gay guy was checking out every dude who crossed his path thinking
queer bait!Great!
by Bog January 12, 2003
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chicks who think being skinny is hot.
clearly delusional and are afraid to be
real women and grow breast and ass.
DAT' waif so skinny being all flat and
no bootie is making me nauseaous.
by Bog January 12, 2003
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A bootie so juicey looking it reminds
you of a plum
That chick had a plum rump worth nutting
by Bog January 12, 2003
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What a man does to a girls bootie when
he slams he nuts on her ass so much
his testicles feel like he shot out a
gallon of sperm in a second.
I ball busted on my chick and damn it
was good
by Bog January 12, 2003
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A person who likes to perform oral sex
on a woman.
THAT dude a carpet muncher cause he
be eating pussy all day.
by Bog January 12, 2003
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a word of yorkshire decent, most commonly affected by yorkshire menfolk in their 56th year, this is a shortening of 'the', possibly due to problems encountered pronouncing 'the' correctly
"gown down t' pub"

note the 'tuh' sound is quite pronounced
by Bog October 2, 2003
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