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Used when someone does something stupid or questionable. Hands and arms get raised and the words "What the fuck" are inferred.
Jackson goes to his car while his roommate watches his prank unfold from the second story window. Jackson opens the car door and a giant boxing glove punches him in the face. He immediately looks up at his roommate spying on him and gives him the What the fuck arms.
by Bodaggin August 14, 2011
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The day in the Menstrual Cycle when a girl becomes most fertile, and is usually very near to Ovulation. Because of increased hormones she becomes extremely horny, and greatly desires sex.

You can tell if a girl is on Day 11 if she repeatedly mentions dirty or sexual things or just wants to have incredible amounts of sex. Be careful on this and the following days though, she's horny for a reason; it's babymakin time and the oven is warm.
Cassie: I called 8 dudes in my contact list, 4 of which aren't even booty call status and none of them will come and fuck me. AHHHH!!!

Jeff: Are you that easy or is it Day 11?

Cassie: Day 11

Chris: DUDE! Me and Stacy went for 7 rounds today. I couldn't believe it, we both called in for work sick and romped all day long!

Steve: Gotta love Day 11, I hope she's on the pill!
by Bodaggin March 24, 2011
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While watching a video on the computer, you scroll ahead for the good parts. Just like in a porn movie scrolling to the desired part.
Jim and I were watching MI3 and I was enjoying the entire movie, but he kept porn scrolling ahead to all the explosions.
by bodaggin January 08, 2012
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