(v) the act of your girlfriend withholding anal from you
"Oh yeah we're supposed to try anal tomorrow but she has me on asshold"
by SlowBlows August 4, 2013
When you squeeze your butt cheeks really hard to keep the turtle head from coming out.
"Man, it's a good thing I found a bathroom because this asshold wasn't going to last."
by Paco Gonzales October 21, 2004
(v): the action of attaining a firm grip on a tight ass
(n): the grip that is held on a tight ass
Nobody wants to asshold a flabby ass.

I had a really good asshold but then she smacked my hand away!
by theitalianNAP June 2, 2009

A chair or seat.
I hate this asshold
by Bilal H. December 14, 2010
when you complement your superior for a job well done, in spite of his complete foolishness
pence is a complete asshold when he complements trump...
by jimbosowne July 16, 2018
A particular breed of asshole in which non-communication is its primary means of humiliation in females. They are known for being extremely good liars and holding up facades for months to even years; however they back out when they are scared with no care for the repercussions to the female...
That guy who told me he wanted me to move in him hasn't talked to me in 2 weeks... What an asshold!!
by sweet_ladylove July 31, 2010
A term to describe people who have the Disneyland Annual Signature Plus Pass and are entitled to do whatever they want because they paid over 1k for an amusement park for kids. The easiest way to spot one Annual Assholder as they are wearing their AP merch they get from lands, having a michelada, and a churro in their hand. Also, don't forget to mention their snotty attitude

Don't forget to mention they have this sticker on the back of their car having "A ºoº P" Sticker on the back of the car.
"I can do whatever I want, because I am an Annual PassholderSignature Plus, Bitch!"
"Correction, you're an Annual Assholder. Move along"
by DeputyVanHalen June 17, 2019