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Knowledge obtained by the senses. Primal in origin, but applicable in any hood.
by Bob Kiger September 22, 2007

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Scatterbrain describes the neurological effects of negative, nonsensical and commercial bombardment on those living in "the age of videography". Symptoms include inability to distinguish quality from garbage. Those inflicted with the disease are sometimes called vidiots.
Turning on any TV network channel at prime time OR watching Most Popular "vids" on YouTube OR "cell phone shopping" in Trader Joe's will induce rapid onset of scatterbrain symptoms.
by Bob Kiger September 01, 2007

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In our increasingly divided world, individuals suffer injustice everyday from other people, communities, corporations, governments and religious institutions. Many feel like they have no say in what is going down around them.

The answer to this dilemma is actually quite simple. Wait for the antagonist to step over the line and than take action by violating one of their new rules. Than cause a ruckus by taking a citation of some sort and act as your own defense. This causes the the antagonist to have to "Lawyer Up" in order to put you on the defensive.

You act as your own defense . . . while they have to spend thousands maybe even millions trying to put you down. Call for interrogatories, depositions and keep great records of all their machinations. Spread your story of "David vs. Goliath" to the media and watch them implode from their own top heavy handed approach.
A developer from Italy is building a Mondo-Condo completely obliterating my Oceanside and harbor view. I found a Stone Age settlement in my back yard and now charge them with a violation of human rights by blocking a view that has stood for 25,000 years. I'm going to write UNESCO and show them the facts, and maybe the jerks will have to tear the fiasco down.

Boy . . . they are going to have to Lawyer up to beat this one!
by Bob Kiger March 26, 2008

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