3 definitions by BluePhoenix15

literally Satan. aka. the scariest thing ever created.
Emma: Karen got a Furby 3 weeks ago and i haven't seen her since. do you think she's dead?

Tom: well, if she's got a Furby, she's definitely dead!
by BluePhoenix15 September 1, 2016
to drink too much and get really drunk.
Karen: last week Becky hit the sauce big time.
Johnathon: hey, are you free tonight? let's go to the club and hit the sauce!
by BluePhoenix15 September 2, 2016
(or stand on the corner)
1) to sell yourself in prostitution.
2) another way to say that someone is a prostitute.
1) girl 1: hey, i heard you were rollin' in the muns
girl 2: oh yeah, i am now standing on the corner!

2) girl 1: Kelly is hardly ever around, i can hardly remember the last time we had a drink together...
girl 2: didn't you hear? Kelly is standing on the corner now!
by BluePhoenix15 June 5, 2016