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A person considered undesirable in a big thread.
"I wish stevo would ban those cruddie buddies"
by bloodymary May 24, 2004
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Goodbye Cruel Board (noun):
A thread posted in which the thread starter announces they are leaving and never coming back so that everyone will feel obligated to beg them to stay and give their self esteem a boost. The person has no intention of leaving and really just desires a thread or two of pampering.
Hey everyone, QT just posted a GCB! Do you suppose she means it this time?
by BloodyMary June 25, 2004
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A meaningless message or thread intended to increase a post count where posters names are pulled off of the dropdown menu and unwittingly added to the folderol. Usually filled with such nonsense as cyber snowballs, cyber food, Pokes or LLLLLezzie licks.
I wish people would stop pulling me into those scooptacular post whore threads!
by Bloodymary March 05, 2006
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a 3rd grade level attempt at an insult, like when a person comes into any skank-ho purple room actually using their own screen name & confronts you about the FAKE name you've been using to troll other places.. Then they are displaying Pussiness. Even if your own trolling attempts were as pathetically transparent as if you were wearing a Belle around your neck.
<angry voice/blood vessels popping> "I am sick and tired of your PUSSINESS, deary"
by bloodymary July 12, 2005
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a condition in which the person portrays themselves as being against an argument or a debate, but in fact is really just trying to sneak their opinion or insults into the debate while still appearing neutral.
Crystal, 1Down, and Anastasia really seem to have contracted quite a QT Complex these days
by BloodyMary June 25, 2004
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verb: The act of copying posts from a private forum and showing them to nonmembers with the intent of causing trouble.
"If we give her access to that folder she is likely to pull a diva"
by bloodymary May 24, 2004
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