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The process of blasting an unreleased song in a vehicle to make sure that it is mixed properly and more importantly make sure the bass absolutely SLAPS for anyone that will listen in a car in the future.
Soundcloud rapper: Just got done mastering my new album, lets go for a ride.

Homie: Where r we going tho?

Soundcloud rapper: Gotta give these new tracks a car test.
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck December 18, 2018
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like a blue waffle except instead of an extremely infected vagina, the vagina is excessively bleeding and clotting. just as disgusting as a blue waffle.
man a bue waffle aint got nothin on a red waffle!
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck March 12, 2010
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the freshest clothing line currently on the market. cost like 80 at macy's but 50 at other places. not to be confused with US polo assn. u will get laughed at like a fucking clown.
Dude 1: ay bruh check out my polo i got yesterday!
Dude 2: Stupid nigga that US polo...burn that shit!
Dude 1: dang bruh
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck December 16, 2009
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juice or juices released by a man's testicles by going above the rim and with authority, placing the ball in the net only to the dismay of the opponent who is between your legs helplessly getting a faceful of it.
kobe bryant sprays nut juice on dwight howard. its on youtube.
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck February 19, 2010
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The grand daddy of all gayness, the low male that will suck receive and give. This male is prone to being transgendered or cross dressing as well as having blogs that no one gives a hoot about. If you are 3rd degree gay you may need to see a doctor to see if your prostate is still there.
1st degree gayness is the Mount Everest of gay
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck September 20, 2010
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When a male finds another male attractive and has no problem doing him in the posterior or kissing him etc, but would never take it up the end. 50% of gay males are only 2nd degree gay and are cleverly disguised as co-workers and tv personalities.
I would totally do that guy...but he couldn't do me....cuz im 2nd degree gay
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck September 20, 2010
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Mildest form of gayness.When a male is aware of another males attractiveness to females, but would not kiss/have sex with etc. 70% of males are 3rd degree gay.
Mike: Look at that guy. You know he gets the ladies.
Bill: *cough 3rd Degree Gayness!
by Blahblahwhogivesafuck September 20, 2010
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