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A surplus member of a ship's crew, soley for asthetic value, a hold over from days of sail powered vessels, when skill was required for navigation and control of the vessel. Now a days they simply stand around on the bridge or deck, working on their tans, or reading romance novels. typically can be found day dreaming or asleep. Often enjoys dressing up in uniform, and asking vast amounts of questions of the engineering department. A deckie relies on the engineers to take care of the ship and its operations. Virtually helpless.
Passenger- Sir can you tell me the name of the ship?

Deckie- Hold on let me call the engine room.
by Bisquickandturkey101 December 02, 2011

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Male facial hair of the upper lip, used primarily of course for lip warmth, style and of course rakin' clams. The clam rake provides a superior eating out experience for all involved, and is a prized tool of clammers. A thick rake can effectively assist in the pleasuring of just about any and all clam species known to man, although extensive global research still needs to be conducted, Maine clammers swear by the tool, so much so in fact that many Maritime Academies throughout the nation have instituted no facial hair policy, due to a sharp influx of clams in flatts near such sites. Risks of clam raking include but are not limited to outbreaks of red tide , which can shut down clamming operations altogether. Alright, but enough beating around the bush, literally and figuratively, we're not talking about harvesting mollusks we're talking about mowing down on some good ol' pussy.
1st Female- Wow look at that clam rake, I bet he knows how to work the flatts.

2nd Female- Oh yeah that is that Cam D, heard he knows how to cut right through the muff and get to the clams, should see how he handles those tines.

1st Female- (shoves second female out of her way and proceeds directly towards Cam D)

Clam Raking Commences shortly there after.
by Bisquickandturkey101 November 30, 2011

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Used when requesting a beer, allows for discretion as to not attract vast amounts of beer pan handlers. Especially when in large crowds of poor college students or moochers. There is no verbal response, the only response is to procure a beer for the requesting individual. this method originated on Long Island Maine as a fix to an all to common problem.
Individual 1: "Hey Val, santa Fe."
Val: (Returns with Beer without attracting unwanted attention)
by Bisquickandturkey101 November 14, 2011

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