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Manipulation its kinda different to peer pressure the person is controlling that person to do bad things
You manipulated my son to make lies about someone. Manipulation is wrong
by Bikerninja1997 October 19, 2019
Its like person Saying "He or She hates me!!!" Most people say that Nobody hates you it means ITS NOT TRUE
PERSON 1: Can you fire my Teacher because she hates me and mean to me!!

PERSON 2: She's nice

PERSON 2: Nobody hates you
by Bikerninja1997 June 22, 2018
The most popular and rich girl in Fairly Odd Parents that Timmy Turner has a crush on and she is the worst character in tv show because she can not go out with Timmy because of her popularity Status the way it is she always rejecting him for popularity reasons like kicking him out and bodyguard to handle him and She is Mean, Brat, Shallow, and I never liked her anyways. She is Asain, black long hair, tall, purple shirt, white skirt, and white boots, purple eye make up.
Timmy: Hey Trixie
Trixie Tang: Not Worthy!!!
by Bikerninja1997 September 22, 2021
They are very serious in their in class the rules have to be obeyed and extending yelling and if you have a strict Teacher as long you follow the rules you will be fine and trust they are hard to get along with and types of worst teachers
I had a Strict Teacher in PE always yelling at me and the other kids
by Bikerninja1997 July 23, 2018
Someone who tells on someone or report someone
I had to snitch for the police. angry says Snitchass
by Bikerninja1997 September 22, 2021
Someone who does not accept your apology or does not forgive you Like saying: Your not Sorry, apology not accepted, you will be, sorry does not cut it, get out, go away, get out of here, you should be, sorry is not good enough, sorry is not going to work, shut up, leave, no, But not everyone is unforgiving and like that Advice: If someone does not accept your apology move on its their problem not yours.
My Seventh grade was Unforgiving after someone was being late to her class after the student apologize.
by Bikerninja1997 August 22, 2020
It means to annoy or be on someone constant or always behind your back and it's mean to do that.
My Teacher is always on my ass that I didn't turn in my project last week.
by Bikerninja1997 July 10, 2018