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A friendly competition in which several males compare phalluses. The judge is typically a female with experience evaluating the male anatomy.
T-Good won the 7th floor dick contest; his dick is truly the greatest in the land.
by bigdickbandit February 22, 2008

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BVP is the acronym designating a Big Veiny Penis.
I won't fuck a guy who doesn't have a BVP, it just isn't worth my time.
by bigdickbandit November 01, 2007

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The virile member of a male human being. See also: BVP.
Birdman's instrument - and I don't mean his voice - trumps all others in its size, girth, and veininess.
by bigdickbandit March 24, 2008

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Shalacia is a beautiful lady with a kind heart. She can also be stubborn, selfish and a cheater. They are said to be heart breakers. Shalacia's usually are fighters and born up north and moved down south and fall in love easy. They are also liars and tend to lie about relationships.
Shalacia be acting like she keep it A1.
by Bigdickbandit July 16, 2012

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