4 definitions by BigOrange

A verb that can be used in any sentence to describe an action
Yo, let’s just shmoil to the store really quick and grab something to eat

He was taking too long to walk to my house so i told him to just shmoil over here.
by BigOrange September 13, 2019
A noun. Commonly taking place of the word “thing”
Grab the shmooker and let’s go

I can’t find the fucking shmooker just go and i’ll meet you there
by BigOrange September 13, 2019
Taken from the word “shmoil” this word is used to describe a smoking device. Juul, Sourin, etc.
Yo let me hit your shmoiler real quick

Where’s your shmoiler that shit hits different.
by BigOrange September 13, 2019
Meaning it’s not going to happen. Or Someone doesn’t want to do something
Friend: “Yo you tryina go to sophias tonight? It’s gonna be all juniors there tho”

Me: “Bruh hella nah it’s caps

Friend: “ let’s get some food”

Me: “It’s caps i just ate”
by BigOrange September 13, 2019