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A small vapor pen that all of the dopest kids rip. U can only rip a sourin if ur dope. But u can still rip a juul if ur a Shlomo. Sourin has made the air, drop and Idk what else. It dope shit my guy. Refillable pod my homo.
Yo lemme rip that sourin my guy.
by Yung fag January 17, 2018
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a style of a vape which is highly concentrated in nicotine and much stronger than a juul. often people will use juul over sourines bc they fake bitches
girl- yo u wanna rip a sourine tonight
girl 2- r u crazy those things bad as shit for u

girl 1- ur a juul user bet
girl 2- drylifes are the shit boo
by Dogssssss May 15, 2018
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