The rate at which the testicals slap the back of the thighs during intercourse.
"Those two are creating a real nice fuck beat"
by Wolfcorpse July 13, 2009
Beats the happen to be phat and fucking at the same time.
by Asdf November 30, 2003
Irregular Fuck Beat, or IFB, is a very off rhythm or IRREGULAR beat of one person giving it to their partner in the bedroom or where ever he and she may find it appropriate to bang.
*knockknockknock knock knock knockknockknockknock*
Dude do you hear that?
Yea wtf is that?
Not sure lets find out.
(in hall way outside of bedroom)
*knock knock knock knockknock knock knockknockknock*
Oh thats just He and She.
She did tell me earlier that He had a really bad IFB.
ooohh ok, at least move the bed away from the wall so others can all sleep.
by nbfootball3624 August 11, 2011
To not give af ab anything going on per specific situation
Bro you left ur condoms at my crib yo
Damn I gotta hit it raw now
Fuck a beat
by Poopjew September 16, 2020