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Prison. Derived from the popular conception that during incarceration prisoners are frequently forced to grab their ankles and receive anal sex from other inmates. Thus, prison is an 'ankle party.
Dude! Did you hear Timmy got 5 years at the ankle party?
by BigDaddyNick March 17, 2010

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A clever, sleek term for a bowel movement.
This morning coffee has really kicked in, I need to go drop a Ducati.
by BigDaddyNick March 07, 2019

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A social circle of girls who get their kicks sleeping with guys and then passing them around for all the girls in their social circle to bang.
Dude, out of that group of six girls, I fucked four of them - looks like I found myself a Slut Tree!
by BigDaddyNick April 23, 2011

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