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A skank bitch that rarely bathes and turns her underwear inside out to get extra days out of them
Man did you get a whiff of that dirty duncan that just walked by? good lord she smelt like fish sticks and gouda cheese!
by Big Bizniz August 15, 2008

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A Beast, an ungodly, unnaturally strong human being.
Q: Did you see that dude rip the door off that Cadillac?
A: Yea, holy fartbox batman that dude's an Anismal
by Big Bizniz March 15, 2008

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To plunge one's dick violently downward into the knucks or the knot by placing the broad's head on the floor with her legs on the bed, and in a piledriving motion wrap your legs around her hips grab your tube socks and drop straight meat in that bitch!
That bitch was actin' up so I pushed her off the bed and straight drop socks on a bitch!
by Big Bizniz March 15, 2008

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A broad, dame, bitch, hootchie, ho, skeezer, slut, dump, any female in general.
Look at the fuckin' stink sack on that broadley!
by Big Bizniz March 16, 2008

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Some blown out pussy lips that look like a pair of Chuck Norris' knuckles
After I got done beatin' cakes you should've seen the knucks on that broadley.
by Big Bizniz March 15, 2008

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