6 definitions by Big Daddy D

A way of calling a female a big time sloot.
Check out that slootius maximus
by Big Daddy D March 8, 2004
Stick your penis in a jar of peanut butter, then slap her in the face with those nutty nuts.
I gave a peanut butter bitch slap toEsther, and she licked it off.
by Big Daddy D January 31, 2014
A woman from the region of Asia who also enjoys the vagina.
"I saw this Asian chick at the strip club, nose deep in vagina. She was clearly the Gike of all Gikes."
by Big Daddy D February 10, 2012
when a male has sex with a girl and pulls out then blows his load over her vagina.
When I was about to cum, i gave her my patented tuna melt finsher.
by Big Daddy D March 3, 2004
Dry cum on ur balls from not cleaning up properly after masturbating
I heard you had parmesan cheese on your sack this morning.
by Big Daddy D March 4, 2004