4 definitions by Big Boy Ski

When you take a shit and two long logs come out and hit the toilet water. The toilet water splashes all over your asswhole.
John Cena double duced and now his ass hairs are all wet.
by Big Boy Ski July 30, 2006
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The addditional skin on the head of a penis.
Sean Smith sheads his extra skin when fantasying about making love to Jan and Brain Taylor and giving them each a stinky briky.
by Big Boy Ski August 1, 2006
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when a man does not shower for about a month and then gets a blow job from another man.
After not showering for few months brink finally gets a long overdue stinky brinky from Kelp, And he yelled help because he hadn't felt this pleasure in such a long time.
by Big Boy Ski August 1, 2006
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