the hair that grows in the armpit
can also be a fetish
omfg that guys armpit hair is so orgasmic
by adrienalaradooo June 10, 2007
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The last line of defense against down bad guys
That girl has armpit hair ain’t no one down bad enough to hit that
by Lostlizzard707 January 13, 2022
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this is a term given to someone who looks a little ethnic and has armpit hair. (Can not be used on an actual muslim, just someone who's skin color is a little tan for laughter effects).
Person 1: oh my gosh look at her arms!
Person 2: We have a muslim with armpit hair in our midsts.
by hellomusiii December 11, 2009
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The armpit hairs of a very hot and intelligent young man that resemble that of Gandalf the Gray.
"Wowie man, have you seen Ayden's Armpit Hairs? They look just like Gandalf!"
by JimmyDingo July 12, 2023
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