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A Man or Woman who makes his or her living by selling what most people would describe as Junk on Auction sites.They usually acquire these goods from recycling tips/refuge bins or even items at the side of the road.
These people would usually have a old dirty van for there work but would also have either a classic or maybe a kit car to make people think they are upper class citizens.
They also tend to be selfish people with little or no real interest in others.
Hey Dave I saw a Lumbster down at the Tip today,he was loading his van with all sorts of junk.
Yea Matt they sell it online to make money!
Do they actually sell any of it Dave?
Oh yea some people will buy anything.
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty June 17, 2013

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When a mans penis looks similar to a roll mop herring,The penis should also smell of pickled onion and fish to be correctly diagnosed as Roll Mop Cock............
Oh Dale your cock is disgusting it looks like a Rollmop cock and stinks of onion,your not coming near me seafood balls!
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty October 10, 2010

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When a person spends more time in there car than in the house.The person may run the engine so as to heat the car.The car can be used as a sleeping place.
Hey take a look at Shane he has been running his Fiesta all day to keep it warm,must be his Houslycar
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty October 10, 2010

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A frog that looks very much like its owner,and would usually live in a local pond
look at that lumby frog it looks just like your mate malc
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty December 05, 2009

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A human being with at least 1 toe on each foot that is upside down(usually the little toe)can be passed down through familys or through ill fitting shoes
My little toes are upside down doctor?
Thats ok they are just Slapyates
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty December 01, 2009

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To get an enormous erection while ordering a pizza on the telephone.
Hey I got a Telebone when ordering your pepperoni pizza.
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty July 10, 2016

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When a mans balls are so long they skim the surface of the water when taking a dump,replicating the action of the bouncing bombs during the dambusters strikes in germany
Cor daves balls hang so low when he has a shit he must be a bog buster
by Bertyflirtyandimthirty October 11, 2010

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