5 definitions by Bepepepepep

1. A derogatory word meaning women who dress slutty. Should not be used in public, you'll regret if if you do.

2. Video game character from Ubisoft game Ratchet and Clank. A yellow fox who knows much about technology. The main playable protagonist in the game.
1. The woman looks so ratchet. I bet you no one likes her.

2. So, if you move Ratchet here, you'll find the golden bolt, required for special gameplay.
by Bepepepepep February 10, 2015
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1. The mouse-like Pokémon. The yellow creature is Electric type. The electric comes from the red pouches on it's cheeks.

2. A slang term for vagina. Use mainly on TV (adult swim mainly) and Internet.
1. "Gotcha! Pikachu was caught!"
2. I gotta get a look at that girls Pikachu, if ya'll know what I mean.
by Bepepepepep March 9, 2015
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1. The pronunciation of Pho Queue.

2. An Internet slang, meaning fuck you.
1. Man 1: I'm not going to stand in this Pho Queue!

Man 2: Fuck you too!

Man 1: No I said Pho Queue not Fuck You. Jeez.

2. Game: You died.

Guy: Ah. fuh-kyoo!!
by Bepepepepep February 10, 2015
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to defeat an opponent massively, usually in a high-competition game or MMO.
-It seems like John was sitting them down at that baseball game.

-Oh, yeah, I was sittin' people down every time they dueled me. Best part is- I beat 'em with a panda bear stuffed animal item.
by Bepepepepep December 16, 2015
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A bad piece of music, mostly one of a bad artist or a particularly bad piece of music hated by many.
Many Bieber songs are "shit music".
by Bepepepepep January 20, 2015
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