4 definitions by Benzito

A person who gets off (seeget off) on being negative all the time and finds things to complain about.
He likes complaining non-stop about everything. He's such an angsterbater
by Benzito November 14, 2004
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An inflateable sex doll.
I'm hot! Time to get out my inflate-a-mate and get it on!
by Benzito November 14, 2004
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A girl for "an island nation"<jamaican accent>.......cah <bird sound>
Come to Jamaca mon!

<long pause>

by Benzito April 10, 2005
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a friend, e.g. a homie, a homeslice, a pal
me and my slicey went to the pizza joint last night and held the cashier up
by Benzito November 16, 2003
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