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Irritated sphincter caused by over-active bowels due to consuming large amounts of draft beer Friday and Saturday. Usually stems from not abusing alcohol during the week, then compensating for the hiatus by binging through the weekend. Sometimes involves a hemorrhoid or two.
#1. My friend could not go mountain biking with us last week because of his Sunday Ass.

#2. Why does that bar have to have Miller Lite specials over the weekend? I end up with Sunday Ass every time I try to save a little coin.

by Benji Barker March 07, 2007

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A particular form of attire worn by females that includes a denim skirt paired with a denim jacket. A denim shirt worn under the jacket is optional, but does not add any level of authenticity. Often described as the female version of the "Canadian tuxedo". Originated circa 1989.
See Becky's outfit when going to the mall in Roseanne episode: "House of Grown-ups". Darlene should have said: "You're going to wear your Canadian wedding dress to the mall? Don't you think you're a little over dressed?"
by Benji Barker January 23, 2007

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A person whose extended gastrointestinal tract resembles the exaust system (or lack there of) on a "suped-up" '84 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. No catalytic converter, resulting in that oh-so-familiar rotten eggs smell. No muffler, resulting in a rumble that can shake the neighbors oregano off of their spice rack.
"Have you ever had to share a hotel room with John? Dude's a straight piper...It's impossible to get any sleep with the noises and smells that leak from his body"
by Benji Barker March 08, 2008

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