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Pretty much anything you want it to mean
"so we killed this hooker the other night and a cop pulled us over. He asked what we were doing and i said boats."
by Belkis Deyanira October 21, 2007

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when two girls with pierced tongues are blowing a guy, while one bobs up and down the other takes her piercing out and right when he's about to cum, she shoves the piercing into the mushroom of his dick.
"dude what happened? why are you in the hospital?"
"these two girls and i were doing shrooms last night."
"oh shit."
by Belkis Deyanira October 20, 2007

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when a man with giant nipples and a woman with a mustache fuck in such a fashion that the man's nipples open up into giant vaginas and the woman has giant dicks instead of nipples, and they fuck while she gently massages her mustache.
"Yeah i was at curtis' house the other night and he tried to make me watch a movie that he and his girl friend made. it was called Nipple mustache delight. that sick fuck."
by Belkis deyanira October 12, 2007

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When something goes so terribly wrong you want to shoot yourself in the face five times, but pissed because you can only do it once
"SO did you kiss her yet?"

"Yeah, worse kisser of all time. Fucking want to shoot myself in the face 5 times."
by Belkis Deyanira August 24, 2008

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When a girl with a strap on is doing a guy in the ass, the guy who is taking it is receiving a blow job and has a midget on his shoulders fucking the guy in the mouth who is receiving it from the girl with a strap on.
"I got really drunk and stoned the other night with my friends and the next thing i knew we were doing the yellow brick road."
by Belkis Deyanira October 11, 2007

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