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brainer or brain boner is when something satisfies the mind in a way to the extent of giving a mental erection.
Jimmy: "hey Dave did you know that 69,000 + 420 = 69,420"
Dave: "Jimmy you just gave me a raging brainer with that one"
by Beekmaster21 November 24, 2019

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When a group of males invite a group of females to a pool party and ejaculate into the pool. The guy who doesn't get a single girl pregnant is declared the winner.
Jeff: jimmy is down with the guys playing eighteen year bet.
Bob: quite the risk taker he is
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by Beekmaster21 November 23, 2017

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The act of touching a man's penis with your penis, if a foreskin is involved in the matter, it is know as docking. please see the "2003 References for Gay Sex" by Alan Richard for more.
guy 1: Hot damn, I didn't know Nathaniel was into D-link

guy 2: C'mon man its a lot of fun
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by Beekmaster21 June 25, 2019

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A female that is such a bitch that one would leave her even if they were giving up a billion dollars
Guy one: Jenna is such a billion dollar bitch, man. I'd part with a testicle if it meant never speaking to her again
Guy two: I guess she is a Billion Dollar Bitch
by Beekmaster21 September 21, 2018

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A Canadian glizzy
Can you pass me a mussy
by Beekmaster21 February 20, 2021

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