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"barrhhh" is used whenever you're lonely, angry, annoyed, happy, sad. it is a universal sound that can be used to portray pretty much any feeling depending on the tones used. it can also be used as a greeting.
if a group of ditzy girls are babbling and you want them to shut up, you can say, "barrhhh." if you are talking to someone and they sound overexcited about something, you can say, "barrhhh." if you're happy that you're going to eat good food, you can say, "barrhhh."
by beefcake September 01, 2004

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comes from the german word uber and the arabic word hardcore
jasmine is so uberhardcore, she has a crazy foot fetish
by beefcake October 08, 2004

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French for "runnin' and hidin'"
Ain't that like the French always Laforet'n
by Beefcake September 03, 2003

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fat fuck who takes special interest campaign burritos from Taco Bell and El Torito
Fat fuck. Stop eating so many burritos
by beefcake September 25, 2003

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A TV show much like the movie star wars
Sometimes I like to compare star trek to star wars
by Beefcake May 06, 2005

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