4 definitions by Beeeeeaaaach

When you accidentally almost stick it in the back gate, and you have to maneuver quickly.
Guy 1: OMG I fucked her last night but it got so awkward
Guy 2: Why dude?

Guy 1: I had to banana split it was dark in her room
by Beeeeeaaaach July 9, 2020
Crispy cream: to cum on her sunburned back, ass, or tits
Bro when we got back from the beach I crispy creamed all over her burnt ass. Who needs aloe?
by Beeeeeaaaach May 4, 2020
When your just snuggling, but he has a semi. Can either bring the mood up or down (literally).
Guy 1: Yeah we were snuggling but i got a major snug nug because of her yoga pants

Guy 2: So what happened next?
by Beeeeeaaaach July 9, 2020
When your super hammered but still need to perform for your man
The pink Whitney hit weird after the captain Morgan but I had to give him a dizzy glizzard
by Beeeeeaaaach December 30, 2021