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A skirt with a front fly paired with a button or snap, belt loops, and front or back pockets, resembling a typical pair of pants.

Named as such because they are frequently worn to work by women working in positions held mostly by women, as opposed to other types of skirts that are worn in occupations held by a lot of men.

Most jean skirts are job skirts.
She just loves to wear job skirts.
by Bed time March 22, 2010

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While driving, one of the following acts:

- When a light turns green (with no arrow), quickly making a left turn (or right turn where driving is on the left side) before the first cars in the opposing traffic, which have the right-of-way, have a chance to go.

- Use of a lane designated for a specific purpose, such as turning, to pass other stopped or slower cars.
You are "me-firsting" or "me firsting" if:

1.) You get a good jump just when the light turns green to make a left. This depends on the cars about to go the other way that you would otherwise have to wait for getting a slower start.

There is also a move called a Pittsburgh left where the opposing driver allows the motorist to make the left turn as a courtesy.

2.) If there is a left-turn, right-turn, exit-only, or temporary merge lane, and you plan to go straight, but there are more cars going straight than turning, and the special lane is clear, making use of one of these lanes to pass and get ahead of other cars is called me-firsting. This could take place during a traffic jam on a highway or when the light will not allow enough time for all the cars to proceed through on a single cycle, but will allow the "me-firster" to do so if able to pass.

The lane used as such to the motorist is called a me-firsting lane.

In any of the above examples, it is easier to "me-first" in front of or before a truck or an older car with a slower engine.

The laws vary in every place as to what is allowed, and what punishments can be when laws are broken.
by Bed time February 01, 2010

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The act of humiliating another person by criticizing them about their poor or supposedly poor manners in front of other people.

Sometimes, it is done to a person who really has poor manners. Other times, it is done by one person to another who does not necessarily have any problematic manners simply for the sake of causing the victim pain or anguish, or to take out anger or get revenge on the victim.
I cannot stand being around my mother-in-law. She is always manner bashing me.
by Bed time April 28, 2010

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The portion of a shared bed in which one person (e.g. a spouse or romantic partner) sleeps.
Please do not sleep in my bedspace. It is uncomfortable to me.
by Bed time February 11, 2010

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A traffic lane intended for some other purpose, such as turning or exiting, but used for "me-firsting" by a motorist.
A me-firsting lane can be any of the following:

1.) A turning lane when used to go straight. The motorist gets into that lane (which is clear), goes faster than the speed of others in the congested "straight" lane, and then sneaks in in front of another vehicle s/he was previously behind in order to get ahead in traffic and possibly make a light.

2.) An upcoming exit or merge lane used to pass slowed traffic on a highway, then sneak back into the lane where one previously was, but ahead of one or more vehicles.
by Bed time February 01, 2010

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An ancient Persian game combining elements of checkers and chess.

Uses board of checkers/chess and checkers pieces.

Set-up is like checkers, except each player sets up pieces on opposite-colored spaces.

Regular moves are made diagonally like in regular checkers.

Capturing is done by moving one's piece in a straight line two spaces in which there is an opponent's piece in the space between. Pieces that are not queens or kings can only capture by moving forward.

A piece that reaches the opposite end does not become a king. It becomes a queen, and it can move diagnolly (without capturing) a single space in any direction, and it can capture by moving either forward or laterally.

A queen that returns to the player's own end safely becomes a king. A king can move diagnolly any number of spaces in a single direction on a single move (without capturing), and can capture by moving in any direction.

All types of pieces may capture multiple opponent's pieces on a single move if possible given their abilities described above.

Winner is last player with a legal move.
Sukkah has no relationship to the Hebrew word suka, also sometimes spelled sukkah, which refers to a hut built on the holiday of sukkot.
by Bed time March 22, 2010

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The modern era, in which people in a variety of settings are given extra scrutiny to determine if they are truthful about their identity and their rights which they assert, the world has increased amounts of monitoring, and big brother has an overall more watchful eye.

Unofficially, the Security Age began on September 11, 2001.
Everyone is considered suspicious until proven not a terrorist in the Security Age.

Many things that were easy before the Security Age began are now a hassle.

During the Security Age, only ticketed passengers are allowed passed security checkpoints at the airport.

You go to a dry cleaner during the Security Age wanting to retrieve your clothes you dropped off, and the attendant says "ID please."
by Bed time March 22, 2010

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