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To predict and forecast with utmost accuracy, to the point of being seen as a seer.
Mark, you absolutely nailed the forecast this year. A real piece of Majureyism!
by Beard Police January 6, 2022
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noun. A slight break in the line of a beard or moustache on one side of a man's face. Usually the person is trying to grow facial hair where the component parts, such as sideburns, moustache and beard, are intended to join, creating a seamless facial hair effect. A bagilhole is a bald patch of skin which interrupts the line of said facial hair.
George, your bagilhole is showing.
by Beard Police February 5, 2010
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To consistently and inevitably fail to live up to expectations. To bottle it.
My team only got to the last 16 -- they're a bit spursy.
by Beard Police May 14, 2014
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